Application Information

MBS Media, Inc.
application number: 040298
total project cost: $322,053
federal share: $148,786
contact: Dr. Richard Phillips
address: RR 1 Box 1427
Henryville, PA 18332
phone: (570) 619-5122

A company's IT infrastructure may be its primary asset in today's ever-changing e-business environment. Adequately monitoring and managing that asset is becoming increasingly complex for business. A mismanaged network infrastructure can cause a company's performance and profits to spiral down.

By bridging the gap between IT management and business results, MBS Software technology gives a company extensive control in the proactive management of their computing environment, decreasing the time to value ratio, and ensuring peace of mind. MBS Software answers the needs of a company with solutions from our Stealth Monitoring WiFi product to cover all of a company's infrastructure, monitoring and management requirements. Our sliding scale of management matches our product precisely to the level of management needed in a corporate environment. As a result, a business will have the flexibility of choosing the right tool for the right job at the right time.

This success depends on swift and smart proactive management of a company's global network. That's why MBS Media, Inc. brings to light Stealth Network Monitoring, a secure, user-friendly Web-based service management tool that gives companies anywhere, anytime access to vital data on their network's performance.

A business can see real-time, dynamic views of their VPN; calculate service parameters; track trouble tickets and create useful reports; and respond accurately to user requirements on a site-by-site basis, all by using a single global interface that provides seamless information on every core of MBS Stealth Network Monitoring voice and data service.

MBS offers pharmaceutical health care firms, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, rural community businesses and local governments increased service availability with real-time monitoring, faster problem resolution with online infrastructure management and help desk trouble ticket management. It also provides greater convenience by managing all services through one online interface, and improved user satisfaction with access to consistent, accurate and quality network data. We also make efficient use of companies' resources since all data is maintained and fully accessible online. We also reduce the costs to by using our software as a fully web-based managed application.

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