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United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area
    Greater New Orleans Community Data Center

award number: 22-60-03020
start-end date: October 1, 2003 - September 30, 2006
total project cost: $1,298,287
federal share: $599,256
contact:   Charlotte Cunliffe
address: 2515 Canal Street, 4th floor
New Orleans, LA 70119
phone: (504) 988-1925

New Orleans is home to many social and economic disparities. For example, 58 of the 73 neighborhoods in the city have a poverty rate higher than the national average. In 17 neighborhoods, over two-thirds of the children under six live in poverty and in one neighborhood 94% are below the poverty level. These neighborhoods are served by nearly 2,500 nonprofit organizations that, based on recent evidence, fail to use and share community-based information effectively.

The Greater New Orleans Community Data Center (GNOCDC), working with nonprofit organizations, funders, capacity builders, and neighborhood residents, will create an information platform to facilitate a common understanding of New Orleans neighborhoods. The project will map neighborhood assets such as childcare centers, schools, and literacy services that will help community service providers visualize how assets within and across neighborhoods are distributed. The project will lead to more effective use of data in planning and decision-making by member organizations.

Each of the specific components of the project was conceived by partner organizations active in the local community. The Literacy Alliance addresses issues of adult literacy. Success by 6 works to ensure all children under six are healthy, nurtured, and ready to succeed. The People’s Institute works to dismantle the causes of racism through workshops and technical assistance. The Center for Urban and Regional Equity at Xavier University will serve as a catalyst to address the extreme social and economic disparities across the city. VIA LINK connects people with information about community service organizations. Tulane University will continue its commitment to the GNOCDC team. The Baptist Community Ministries (BMC), one of the largest private foundations in Louisiana, is serving as a partner and funder of this initiative to build planning and decision-making capacity within the non-profit community to better serve residents of New Orleans.

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