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Grant Information

Navajo Technology Empowerment Centers (NAVTEC)
    Division of Community Development

award number: 04-60-01058
start-end date: October 1, 2001 - September 30, 2005
total project cost: $1,750,000
federal share: $875,000
contact: Mr. Norbert Nez
address: P.O. Box 1896
Window Rock, AZ 86515
phone: (520) 871-6442

Project Description

The Navajo Technology Empowerment Center (NAVTEC) will promote a higher quality of life for the Navajo Nation through wide area networking technology. NAVTEC focus on e-commerce development, e- training, and government management technologies. NAVTEC will apply these technology applications to deliver interactive, user-friendly instruction on economic development, career training, educational opportunities and health advisories to eighteen communities throughout a three-state area. NAVTEC will also establish an electronic election system for the Navajo Nation's general elections, and it will enhance the collection of community data and development of centralized databases. The center will house a secure, Internet-based e-commerce, e-training and data collection hub for the Western Navajo Agency, a part of the Navajo Nation. It will offer the community a variety of IT-based services, such as business management, IT training and certification, English as a Second Language, as well as dependable Internet access and services that further e-commerce.

Project Significance:

Among the significant features of this multi-faceted project is the potential for the Navajo Nation to become the first nation in the world to conduct all of its election activities in an e-environment. The lessons learned will be of great interest to many civic administrative bodies. The Navajo chapters units of government will use the NAVTEC technology to become more efficient and effective in delivering services because it gives them a significantly improved communication capability across a vast geographic area, allowing the Navajo Nation to work together and solve problems.


The NAVTEC partners include: Texas A&M University; Institute for Native Americans at Northern Arizona University; Dine College; U.S. Indian Health Service; Hewlett Packard Village Centers/World e-Inclusion; Teltecglobal; Navajo Nation Divisions of Human Resources, Social Services, General Services, Economic Development, Dine Education, Public Safety, Natural Resources; Navajo Nation Data Resource Center; Navajo Nation Temporary Aid to Needy Families; and the Navajo people.

additional project resources: 
Project Narrative--PDF Version

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