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Grant Information

Access Community Health Network
award number: 17-60-01040
start-end date: October 1, 2001 - September 30, 2004
total project cost: $1,194,642
federal share: $586,651
contact: Ms. Angelique Johnson
address: 1501 South California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608
phone: (773) 826-0369

Project Description

The Technology-Based Adherence Program (TBAP) will create a network among seven human service agencies to address the issue of non-adherence to referrals and treatment plans. It is estimated that only one in ten patients in the targeted communities complete referral appointments, and less than 25% adhere to their medication and treatment plans. A comprehensive case management software package will unify the intake and referral processes and allow for the sharing of key patient information. The software will also be integrated with a web-based pager system, MediMOM, which will allow the system to send programmed messages to clients via the pager and record the patient's responses in their record. TBAP will also use personal data assistant (PDA) devices so agency staff can access the case management software, make assessments and referrals, and follow-up with clients from the field. In addition, patients will be given a pager to receive individualized text messages to remind them of appointments, when to take medications, and similar adherence issues.

Project Significance:

The TBAP project is targeting nine communities in the Chicago area that have high rates of HIV, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and substance abuse. Patients with a chronic disease may also suffer from substance abuse or other psychosocial issues, and require more than one care provider and complex care management. TBAP will improve patient adherence to referrals and treatment plans, and create a coordinated service delivery and support system among human services agencies sharing the same clients. Most important, TBAP will employ an innovative software and hardware solution to ensure that these patients follow through with referrals and adhere to treatment plans. TBAP's integration of case management software, PDAs for care providers, and pagers for patients is a unique model that will promote better case coordination and improved patient adherence to treatment plans.


The partners include Access Community Health Network, Community Response, Genesis House, Haymarket Center, Lawndale Christian Health Center, Test Positive Aware Network, Family Guidance, and The Sinai Health System. Peter Martin and Associates and MediMOM will provide technical assistance.

additional project resources: 
Project Website
Project Evaluation--PDF Version

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