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Grant Information

Chicago Housing Authority
    Information Technology Services

award number: 17-60-01056
start-end date: October 1, 2001 - June 30, 2005
total project cost: $1,795,986
federal share: $897,993
contact: Ms. Adrienne Bitoy Jackson
address: 626 West Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60661
phone: (312) 742-8872

Project Description

More than 100,000 residents of Chicago's public housing complexes will have to find and move to alternative housing sites during a massive effort to refurbish and replace these dilapidated buildings. The relocation will strain the complex web of social services and community support systems that provide the safety net for these families. To facilitate the relocation process, the RightMovesNet, a web-based information and referral system, will be developed to support data exchanges among public housing residents, school personnel, human service providers, relocation counseling agencies, and property management firms. Users will be able to access housing information and identify barriers or constraints to successful relocations. In addition, the system will foster communication among government agencies and residents who will be affected by the public housing transformation. RightMovesNet will be designed to assist residents in making informed housing choices and plans, resulting in their successful relocations or returns to refurbished buildings.

Project Significance:

Across the nation, many housing authorities are undergoing transformation and transitions because of redevelopment activities. The RightMovesNet's multi-media, web-based system will increase access to information, facilitate decision-making, and increase coordination and efficiencies during this landmark effort to transform one of our nation's most over-burdened public housing infrastructures. The efficiencies and enhanced coordination and collaboration made possible via RightMovesNet will be critical to the overall success of Chicago's redevelopment initiative. The lessons learned from the system will be invaluable to other communities undertaking massive transformations of their public housing infrastructures.


The Chicago Housing Authority will partner with CHAC, Inc., administrator of the Chicago Housing Voucher Choice Program; the Chicago Public Schools; the Metro Chicago Information Center; Roosevelt University; Northeastern Illinois University; the MacArthur Foundation; and Chicago's public housing residents.

additional project resources: 
Project Website
Project Narrative--PDF Version

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