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Grant Information

Muskegon Community Health Project
award number: 26-60-01028
start-end date: October 1, 2001 - December 31, 2004
total project cost: $1,058,094
federal share: $527,874
contact: Mr. Peter J. Sartorius
address: 565 West Western Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49440
phone: (231) 728-3201

Project Description

The Muskegon Community Health Project will develop a web-based case management solution to improve the health status of Muskegon County's most indigent population. The project will improve the delivery of health care to uninsured people who do not receive Medicare or Medicaid, and will lower the cost to the community for providing health care to the indigent. Muskegon I-Net will link medical clinics and the safety- net service providers, who provide food, shelter, clothing, and counseling services via the Internet, to a secure case management database. The database will track health status indicators and monitor the information to assist in refining treatment protocols and delivery system capabilities. Participants will be able to collaborate to ensure patients are receiving care and that treatment programs are followed. The system will also allow cost-saving interventions and ensure follow-up care.

Project Significance:

Muskegon I-Net will use technology to improve the managed health care delivery system to the city's 1,700 indigent, uninsured residents. This population tends to have high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart condition, asthma or other lung disease, arthritis, muscular-skeletal pain, depression, and substance abuse. All of these are primary risk factors for expensive specialty services such as MRI, CT-SCAN, dialysis, and cardiovascular intervention. At a time of increasing financial pressures on health care resources, this high usage group presents a serious challenge to the entire community. A web-based case management system will allow all care providers to collaborate and address health issues before they become chronic.


Muskegon Community Health Project will be a partnership among the medical clinics and human service providers that provide care for the indigent in Muskegon County.

additional project resources: 
Project Website
Project Narrative--PDF Version

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