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Grant Information

State of Wisconsin
    Department of Agriculture, Trade, & Consumer Protection

award number: 55-60-02002
start-end date: October 1, 2002 - October 1, 2005
total project cost: $1,316,874
federal share: $620,000
contact: Ms. Sherry Schultz
address: 2811 Agriculture Drive
Madison, WI 53708-8911
phone: (608) 224-4792

When people think of public safety, they think of firefighters, police, and ambulances. However, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) is also at the heart of keeping the public safe. The WDATCP is a key player by assuring the safety and quality of food, and the health of animals, both commercial and domestic. The Department also monitors the production and use of fertilizers and pesticides, a crucial factor in plant and environmental health.

The WDATCP proposes to build an Integrated Information System based on a common Customer/Premise ID. WDATCP collects a wide variety of data though its numerous programs. The goal of this project is to integrate the Department's information systems with data kept in various locations, in both manual and electronic media, into one cohesive system. This would allow Department data to be stored with a common key in a collective database for reporting, query, and interchange. This integration would improve the Department's enforcement capabilities and inspection efforts in a way that would increase the potential for early detection of impending problems.

This information system would give the Department more accurate and manageable data, allowing it to react in a more comprehensive manner to potential catastrophes arising from natural disasters, environmental accidents or acts of terrorism.

Partners include the Wisconsin Departments of Electronic Government, Health and Family Services, and Natural Resources; the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration; the Center for Disease Control and Prevention; the Wisconsin Veterinary Association; the Wisconsin Fertilizer & Chemical Association; the Wisconsin Agri-Service Association; and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

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