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FY 2004 Awards

state: all states 
year: 2004 
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Center for Urban Missions
Project: Neighborhood Technology Collaborative
Will operate neighborhood technology programs in eight communities, using Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX technologies to provide job skills to young people and adults seeking work.
October 1, 2004; Birmingham, AL; $551,769



Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Project: Rural Alaska Video E-Health Network
Will use broadband video conferencing to connect 204 tribally-managed hospitals and clinics to improve clinical services to remote locations.
October 1, 2004; Anchorage, AK; $470,000



San Diego State University Foundation
Project: Wireless Broadband Fire Sensor Network
Will create a real-time fire detection network for a severe fire hazard community using state-of-the-art fire detection sensors and a wireless broadband network.
October 1, 2004; Fallbrook, CA; $549,933



San Joaquin General Hospital
Project: Remote Video Interpreter Bank
Will improve access to medical interpreters and reduce medical errors using IP-based video phones with broadband connections.
October 1, 2004; French Camp, CA; $458,635



Parker Fire Protection District
Project: Pioneering 4.9 GHz for Public Safety Use
Will experiment with the use of the newly available 4.9 GHz Band for emergency communications.
October 1, 2004; Parker, CO; $271,432



Project: Delaware Small Business Exchange
Will connect minority- and women-owned businesses to procurement opportunities through a web portal and training delivered via wireless broadband.
October 1, 2004; Newark, DE; $487,972



Community Preservation and Development Corporation
Project: Telehealth Career Skills for Employability
Will demonstrate the use of broadband connections and sensors to provide remote monitoring services for senior citizens living at home and create paraprofessional jobs in the emerging field of telehealth.
October 1, 2004; Washington, DC; $679,282



Federation of American Scientists
Project: National Firefighting Response Training
Will design leading-edge web-based simulation tools including a repository for digital objects and learning content, conferencing capabilities, interactive gaming simulations and a question-and-answer management system to train firefighters to respond to mass casualty incidents.
October 1, 2004; Washington, DC; $597,665



Nemours Children's Clinic
Project: Remote Monitoring Via Broadband Over Power Lines
Will deliver pediatric remote home monitoring services using Broadband Over Power Lines for children with asthma.
October 1, 2004; Jacksonville, FL; $681,000



Easter Seals, Inc.
Project: Web Author Accessibility
Will reduce the high unemployment rate among people with disabilities by developing accessible web-authoring tools that allow the disabled to work as web site designers and by placing interns with disabilities in permanent jobs.
October 1, 2004; Chicago, IL; $286,360



National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education
Project: Technology-driven Support Intervention
Will create a wireless broadband network that uses Internet access and real-time virtual conferencing to coordinate and deliver instruction, training and mentoring among universities, faith-based organizations and community youth agencies.
October 1, 2004; Silver Spring, MD; $684,507



Community Partners, Inc.
Project: Portable Electronic Enrollment
Will connect rural clients and government service providers via cellular and Wi-Fi Internet to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of local government services.
October 1, 2004; Amherst, MA; $549,127



WGBH Educational Foundation
Project: Emergency Info for People with Disabilities
Will demonstrate methods to make emergency warnings and community-based information more accessible for sight and hearing impaired individuals, including systems and services for wired, wireless, DTV- and IP-based delivery of warnings and alerts.
October 1, 2004; Boston, MA; $550,000



Regents of the University of Minnesota
Project: Minnesota 3-D
Will create and preserve jobs through the use of emerging Internet-based GIS technologies.
October 1, 2004; Minneapolis, MN; $599,407



Lincoln Action Program
Project: Networked Interpreter Translator Enterprise
Will use the broadband to meet the demand for translation and interpretation services as a market niche for Internet-enabled business development and job creation.
October 1, 2004; Lincoln, NE; $580,078



New York City Office of Emergency Management
Project: Transportation Security Situation Display
Will improve decision-making among emergency management personnel involved in homeland security and disaster management using sophisticated data fusion and situation displays to manage evacuations.
October 1, 2004; Brooklyn, NY; $699,632



Greene County
Project: Creating a New Rural Economy
Will test a new wireless broadband mesh canopy "final mile" system to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities, job training and professional development for a rural region transitioning from an agricultural economy.
October 1, 2004; Snow Hill, NC; $524,151



Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County
Project: ImaginOn
Will develop electronic tools to enable young people to develop sophisticated media literacy that will prepare them for the 21st century workforce.
October 1, 2004; Charlotte, NC; $700,000



Minot State University
Project: Flatlands Disability Network
Will provide telehealth services to North Dakotans with developmental disabilities via Internet 2 technology.
October 1, 2004; Minot, ND; $525,000



Case Western Reserve University
Project: Networked Surgical Simulations
Will create a virtual surgical simulation model to test the transmission of high fidelity interactive information across IP networks with varying quality of service levels.
October 1, 2004; Cleveland, OH; $440,000



City of Philadelphia
Project: Cutting-edge Tools for Families in Transition
Will coordinate and leverage resources for faith- and community-based organizations serving homeless families and the broader community through an integrated database, web tools and wireless mobile technology.
October 1, 2004; Philadelphia, PA; $527,358



Darkness to Light
Project: ePrevention Package
Will deliver training to detect and prevent child abuse to faith-based organizations via advanced problem-solving simulation and live web meeting software.
October 1, 2004; Charleston, SC; $461,208



Texas A&M Research Foundation
Project: Internet-based Emergency Services (I-911)
Will develop technology solutions to address the time-critical issue of location identification for Internet-based phones and other communication devices.
October 1, 2004; College Station, TX; $570,657



University of Utah Health Science Center
Project: Telemedicine for Acute Burn Care
Will use high bandwidth, real-time video and audio technology to transmit secure, high resolution images of burn victims to the Intermountain Burn Center which serves five rural states.
October 1, 2004; Salt Lake City, UT; $265,501



Fairfax County Public Schools
Project: weCare@School
Will improve responses to health, safety and security emergencies in schools through more effective, efficient and timely collection and handling of critical student information.
October 1, 2004; Fairfax, VA; $632,204



Nonprofit Assistance Center
New Technology for Effective Social Service Delivery
Will coordinate services among four large and sixteen small faith- and community-based groups with a new integrated database and use handheld devices to increase effectiveness in providing employment services for refugees.
October 1, 2004; Seattle, WA; $436,685



West Virginia Primary Care Network, Inc.
Project: New Tech for Rural Health Care Delivery
Will provide access to specialized health care professionals for patients with chronic conditions in rural areas of West Virginia using the latest videoconferencing tools.
October 1, 2004; Huntington, WV; $650,000

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